GT Touch von SPM Drink Systems

Hersteller SPM Drink Systems
Artikel Nr. GT Touch 1 / Touch 2
Masse (H x B x T) 650 x 260 / 450 x 435
Hersteller URL GT Touch

Soft ice-cream, Frozen Yogurt, Chilled coffee cream, Sherbet or Slush - GT Touch provides maximum flexibility, allowing to deliver the most appropriate product according to the time of the day, to the customer type and to the season. The standard I-TANK™ Technology allows to prevent ice accumulation on the outer walls of the bowl.

GT TOUCH is the multitasking  model of the GT Collection range, the soft ice-cream delivery equipment line designed by SPM Drink Systems.
Thanks to the software developed by the SPM Drink Systems R&D Department, the machine can deliver up to 5 different products, accordingto the selected program and to the base product in the bowl. 
Idealfor Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Cafeterias and Catering Companies for the production of delicious dessertsand chilled specialties, GT TOUCH can also be used in specialised ice-cream shops to deliver products specifically conceived for particular customer categories, likeceliacs or people who are lactose intolerant.  Producing the ice-cream with this equipment allows to prevent any contamination, as the bowls don’t come into contact with other ingredients.
Operators can choose between Soft Ice-Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Chilled Coffee Cream, Sherbet orSlush. The selection menu is available in Italian and English, but other languages can be programmed as well. 
GT TOUCH is suitable for merchandising initiatives; for targeted projects (large-volume orders) we can customisethe display, the menu setting language,  the deliverable products and the graphics.
The excellent quality/price ratio is further enhanced by the significant overrun of the final product.

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