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Hersteller SPM Drink System
Artikel Nr. GT LAB
Masse (H x B x T) 170 x 80 x 120 mm
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With a small investment, GT LAB will allow you to create a small ice-cream corner in your bar or restaurant.

GT LAB has been designed to meet the requirements of the specialised catering industry, but thanks to its features its field of use has extended to Bars, Hotels, Catering Companies and other operators.

The machine has been designed to deliver ice-cream in tubs, like in ice-cream shops, while meeting the smaller footprint and investment requirements of specialised catering and bar operators. 
Compact, practicaland touch-controlled, GT LAB is the latest development in the field of small machines allowingto produce and deliver ice-cream in tubs, like in ice-cream shops.

Ideal for restaurants, for the production of home-made desserts and ice-cream cakes, G T LAB also allows bars and cafeterias to create a small ice-cream corner, with tubs on display in small refrigerated showcases.  Ice-cream tubs can also be kept in a freezer.
GT LAB comes with a HACCP certification, and is only available in a single-tank configuration, with white and steel finishings;  with an investment within everyone’s reach, it provides very interesting profitability levels, even thanks to the significant overrun of the finished product.

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